10 Best Movies Of 2017

Best Movies Of 2017Best Movies Of 2017 was more than just good for film. The Hollywood film industry is known for running on exclusions, be it of politics, gender, ethnicity or race, and most mainstream films are styled on such exclusions. Despite the incorporation of aforementioned exclusions in storytelling, the classic Hollywood narrative efficiency still forms an integral part of mainstream style, which is reflected in present-day movies, ushering in nostalgia of a clear and good storytelling. Here is a list of the 10 best movies of 2017, each of which has been credited with taking Hollywood to the next level in movie-making.

10. Get Out

Newbie director, Jordan Peele, has successfully hybridized three core elements of film- social commentary, horror and comedy-in almost perfect alignment right from the start to the end in this movie. Make sure to watch this movie as soon as you can, if you haven’t already watched it!

9. Beatriz At Dinner

This film on the present scenario of the economic system has been carefully and skillfully woven by writer Mike White and directed by Miguel Arteta. Salma Hayek plays an exemplary role of a colored woman taking her stand in a room shared with a relentless enemy. Beatriz at Dinner is not here to comfort you, which is evident through White’s bold script and Arteta’s gentle yet watchful filmmaking.

8. Phantom Thread

Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, this is a brilliant, strange, absurd yet beautiful movie that portrays a violent but tightly controlled love story. The decorum and gentility displayed by Daniel Day-Lewis takes this movie into a fascinating territory that stays on till the last act.

7. Dunkirk

Celebrated director, Christopher Nolan, has once again taken the film industry by storm with this narratively inventive and visually stunning World War II movie. However, the most innovative aspect of Dunkirk is that it makes you realize that squeezing in a full-blown war into just 106 minutes is possible.

6. A Ghost Story

This experimental wonder film by David Lowery is both extensive and intimate, with a “ghost” (Casey Affleck) haunting his love (Rooney Mara) in a story of timeless devotion. A Ghost Story is a challenging, ardent and ambitious experiment that successfully restores the faith we have in this art form.

5. B.P.M.

Robin Campillo’s vivacious and stunning narration of youthful AIDS activists is set in Paris (early 1990s). B.P.M. or Beats Per Minute portrays cattiness, infighting and betrayal among these kids, but their galvanized righteous and noble cause is also magnificently upheld in this intriguing narrative.

4. The Lost City Of Z

In this enduring and powerfully reverberating narrative by James Gray, the story revolves around a series of search missions that eventually fail. However, it is not the fruitless searches that matter, but the amazing cinematography and powerful performances of the characters that give life to this movie.

3. The Shape Of Water

Guillermo del Toro, the master of visualization, takes us back to the time of the Cold War to tell the story of a passionate relationship between a black-ops lagoon (government) creature and a mute girl. You will be shocked to see how this movie shapes our mindset about how we describe an “alien”.

2. Call Me By Your Name

Luca Guadagnino does not leave any scope for homophobia in this 1983 based movie, where a musical prodigy falls in love with the handsome assistant of his father. First love thrills and painful loss are beautifully and triumphantly incorporated in the movie, which motivates us to use empathy as an antidote for intolerance.

1. The Post

One of the best movies of 2017 is Steven Spielberg’s The Post. The cast, including the supporting actors, have put in a brilliant show. The movie shows how journalism truly works through Spielberg’s powerful representation of the past, present as well as the future.